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February 2001

CBS Countersues S1's Stacey For $5,000,000+ - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/20/01

Humm, you know, suddenly this whole lawsuit idea might not be looking so good to Stacey Stillman... is reporting that on Monday CBS fired back at ex-Survivor Stacey Stillman by asking for at least $5 million in damages over the network's allegations of breach of contract, extortion, defamation and disparagement.

In its countersuit, CBS is now claiming that by simply talking about the issue, Stillman has violated her contract, which demands strict confidentiality. All of the Survivor contestants signed agreements before they went on the show that included a $5 million penalty if they revealed any information about the inner workings of the show, and especially if they revealed any tidbit that would lead people to figure out the winner of the show before the finale. Everyone had kept to the deal, until Stillman's suit. It also maintains that the non-actress has received enormous benefits from the show, including a stint as a news analyst for a San Francisco TV station and a spot in a Reebok commercial.


CBS Denies Pig Killing Was Orchestrated (what a surprise) - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/16/01

Following PETA's accusation that CBS was somehow guilty of violating Australia's Animal Protection Act with the slaughter of a pig for food on last night's episode of Survivor, CBS has released a statement respectfully denying the charges.

The statement read in part "We have the highest regard for PETA and The Humane Society and their cause. However, we firmly believe that our viewers recognize that hunting and fishing as a means of sustenance have been acceptable since the dawn of time."

CBS also firmly denies that any criminal act was committed, saying "PETA's suggestion that the producers violated Australian law by orchestrating the pig incident is completely inaccurate."


PETA Investigating Pig Killing -- Including Whether It Was Staged Or A Domesticated Pig - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/16/01

"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a statement today that the organization is in touch with lawyers in Australia to see if the slaughter of the wild pig on 'Survivor: The Australian Outback' by Kucha tribe member Michael Skupin may have been a criminal act."

"In 1925, Australia passed its Animal Protection Act, making it illegal to torture, mistreat, or bait any animal, or to instigate such acts," said a PETA spokesperson. "If Mark Burnett and CBS orchestrated this act by placing a tame pig on the scene, or separating a wild pig from her family group by helicopter, or otherwise baiting or corralling this pig so she could be attacked, Burnett and CBS and others on the set are also likely to have violated the criminal code."

PETA's U.S. attorneys have contacted CBS to request copies of all the tapes of the incident and events leading up to it.

"We want to know how many times the animal was stabbed before she died, because it seems that death did not come quickly."


CBS Announces Taking Of Applications For Survivor III - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/15/01

OK, for all the people who keep emailing us asking how to be on Survivor, this is for you. "Survivor III," rumored to be set in Africa, is slated to air this fall. Applicants must submit an application form and a three-minute videotape demonstrating why they believe they can prevail in the game. The completed application and video must be received by Midnight (12:00 a.m.) on April 13, 2001. After paring down the submissions, producers will interview at least 800 semifinalists in 16 U.S. cities. About four dozen people will be invited to attend final auditions in Los Angeles.


S1 Sean Acts Like a Moron Bragging Over Girlfriend, Gets Dumped - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/11/01

The original cast’s resident doctor bragged about his affair with TV newswoman Trish Bergin yesterday on Howard Stern’s radio show, prompting Bergin to tell him "to get lost," according to the New York Post.

As a guest on Friday morning’s show, Kenniff bragged to Stern that he had "stolen Trish from Billy Joel," an assumption Bergin was reportedly already angry about. Then, according to earwitnesses, Kenniff launched into detail about the couple's sex life. The Long Island Ch. 12 reporter was on assignment at the time, but, after Sean provided Howard with her cell phone phone number, Stern called her on her cell phone for her input on the sex romps.

After a brief discussion, Bergin hung up on Stern, called Kenniff a few minutes later and "told him to get lost," her friends reported. "Sean is not why Trish broke up with Billy," said one friend. "Their relationship was never a big deal -- they had dinner a few times and dated, but . . . this was too much."

A Howard Stern radio show summary site ( that we discovered through SurvivorNews.Net also listed these additional nuggets:

- "She also said that she and Sean haven't had a sexual relationship. They've just dated. Sean tried to save his reputation by telling Howard that he is a 'closer' and he can close the deal with women. He said he wasn't saying that about Trish, but he is a closer. Howard thinks that means that he closed the deal with Trish but she's embarrassed to admit it for some reason."

- "Howard asked Sean if they have had sex but he just said "'I'll plead the fifth on that.'"

- "At one point Sean mentioned that Trish wears 'trashy' stuff under her nice clothes. That's when Trish decided to hang up the phone."

...what a shumck -- looks like she showed him how you "close"

Source: Zap2It

Survivor The Most Watched Show Of The Week Ending 2/4/2001 - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/11/01

Survivor: The Australian Outback" won the most viewers last week despite narrowly losing to "ER" in household ratings.

Nielsen Media Research said "ER" drew a 17.9 household rating which counts the number of television sets tuned to a given program. The number was 17.4 for "Survivor." However, 2.5 million fewer people actually watched "ER." A total of 29 million people saw "Survivor," Nielsen said.

Nielsen explains the discrepancy by saying more people gather around the average TV set at 8 p.m. EST, when CBS's "Survivor" airs, than are watching when NBC's drama begins two hours later.

CBS's sequel to last summer's smash hit shoved its primary competition, NBC's "Friends," down to third place in the weekly rankings, Nielsen said.

The full top ten list:

Top 10 shows, their networks and ratings for the week of January 29-February 4:

1. "ER" NBC, 17.9
2. "Survivor II" CBS, 17.3
3. "Friends" NBC, 14.2
4. "CSI" CBS, 14.0
5. "Everybody Loves Raymond" CBS, 13.9
6. "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Wednesday" ABC, 13.4
7. "Will & Grace" NBC, 12.6
8. "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Sunday" ABC, 12.4
9. "SNL Primetime Extra" NBC, 12.4
10. "The Practice" ABC, 12.1

Anyone else consider the bigger surprise to be that Survivor has also been enough to push CSI all the way up to #4 -- wow.

Source: CNN

Survivor Clobbers Friends/SNL Combo For Second Week - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/11/01

The new CBS "Survivor" series knocked NBC's hour of "Friends" and "Saturday Night Live" from atop the Thursday night ratings pole for the second straight week, scoring victories in total viewers and the key 18-to-49-year-old audience segment.

This week, "Survivor" clobbered the hourlong block of a 40-minute "Friends" and 20-minute weeknight edition of "SNL," averaging 29 million viewers to 20.7 million for "Friends" and "SNL," according to figures released Friday by Nielsen Media Research.

The race was tighter among viewers aged 18 to 49, with CBS scoring a 12.1 rating in the 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. block to NBC's 10.6. Each rating point equals 1.24 million viewers. NBC took consolation in its narrow victory over "Survivor" among 18- to 49-year-olds during the 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. period when the bulk of its "Friends" episode aired. NBC won that block narrowly with a 11.2 rating to CBS' 11.1.

Source: Reuters/Variety

Stacey Stillman Sues Survivor Producer & CBS Over Her "Orchestrated" Ouster From Survivor 1 - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/06/01

Man, is this woman EVER going to fade away, talk about trying to make the most of your 15 minutes... and they wonder where folks get their opinions of lawyers from...

USA Today reported today that Stacey Stillman, the former contestant on Survivor I, filed suit against Survivor's producer, Mark Burnett, claiming he engineered her ouster and "orchestrated" the show's outcome. In a 14-page lawsuit filed in San Francisco County Superior Court, Stacey Stillman — a practicing attorney — says producer Mark Burnett "improperly abused his relationships with the contestants." She says he persuaded two of them, Sean Kenniff and Dirk Been, to vote her off the show instead of Rudy Boesch in the series' third episode, "thereby rigging the contest." CBS also is named as a defendant.

Stillman alleges that Burnett wanted to keep Boesch, 72, in the cast, fearing criticism if the first three contestants to be removed also were the oldest. Boesch became one of four finalists for the $1 million prize, which was won by Richard Hatch.

"By picking and choosing who stays and who goes, that affects the alliances that form, and ultimately the outcome," Stillman told USA TODAY.

She says CBS violated federal law against game-show rigging that was expanded in the wake of the 1950s scandal over the NBC quiz show Twenty-One.

CBS denies the charges, which were first detailed last year by author Peter Lance in a book that said producers manipulated the show.

Asked whether Burnett influenced his vote, Kenniff said, "That never happened. He did say, 'Vote your conscience,' but I didn't feel that was coercion." A spokesman for Been declined to comment.

Stillman is seeking unspecified damages for prize money and lost wages, out-of-pocket costs and payment of CBS' profits from the show to a fund to be shared by viewers. She delayed the lawsuit, first asking CBS "to put me on a (reality) show that wasn't manipulated," and later sought a $5 million settlement. Both requests were rejected, a network executive says.

Source: USA Today

Kel Appears On Howard Stern, Denys "Pulling A Kimmi"... - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/06/01 reported on Monday that Kel appeared on the Howard Stern radio show today and during the interview he flat-out denied the New York Post story that we reported earlier regarding Kel "pulling a Kimmi" and pleasuring himself in the woods


Internet Awash In Copies Of "Fake Final 7"... - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/04/01

This weekend a number of leading Internet Survivor websites, including our own SurvivorBlows, received emails purporting to have access to an AVI movie of the authentic Survivor show opening that contained a secret single-frame glance of the so-called "Final 7." As has been reported elsewhere, this movie is clearly an obvious hoax (though a pretty good edited one at that.) A copy of the frame from the movie that was sent to us is displayed on the right, created through the splicing of images from Kucha's Episode I Tribal Council and Okakor's Episode II Tribal Council.

Kel Caught "Doing A Kimmi" In The Woods? - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/02/01

Humm... it seems like Kimmi might not have been the only survivor worried about "having their needs satisfied" while stranded in the Outback for 42 days. The New York Post is reporting the following, although being the Post's 'Page Six' column, you can't help but be skeptical as to whether it's true:

"THERE'S one scene caught on tape for 'Survivor II' you won't see on the air. Insiders say that after days of subsisting on rice, the hungry and cranky contestants began to suspect that one man who kept sneaking off into the bush was cheating by secretly eating food he had smuggled in. After telling the producers of their suspicions, they searched through the suspect's belongings, but found nothing. Then they arranged to follow the suspect to his hiding place with a camera crew and catch him in the act. But when the trap was sprung, the suspect wasn't eating-he was pleasuring himself. 'He'll never do it again,' laughed our source. 'He's traumatized.'"

Source: New York Post

SurvivorNews.Net Reports Existence Of Lockbox Confirmed - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/02/01 recently reported that a reliable source close to the production of Survivor has confirmed that the final tribal council votes are stored in a "lockbox," and apparently there was even somebody in charge of locking it.

They quote their source as saying: "The camera recording the votes was left running and no one watched the voting occur. Supposedly the box won't be opened and the video won't be watched until production of the final episode begins."

Source: SurvivorNews.Net

'Survivor' Narrowly Beats 'Friends' - Reported By SurvivorBlows on 2/02/01

Round one of the Great Television War goes to 'Survivor II.'

CBS' hit reality series scored a narrow victory over the NBC sitcom 'Friends' on Thursday night in their heavily hyped matchup, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Between 8 and 8:30 p.m., 'Survivor II' scored a 17.1 rating and a 25 audience share, while 'Friends' had a 16.6 rating and 24 audience share, according to Nielsen's overnight measurement.

During the second half-hour, 'Survivor II' had a rating of 19.8 and a 28 share. The last 10 minutes of 'Friends' increased to a 17.4 rating and 24 share, and a 20-minute 'Saturday Night Live' special had a 13.7 rating and 19 share.

The overnight ratings measure viewership in 49 major media markets representing two-thirds of the nation's 102.2 million television households. One ratings point equals 675,000 homes, while the share is the percentage of in-use televisions tuned to a given show.

More precise ratings numbers were due later Friday.

Source: Associated Press


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